SteelGuard is a single package, water dispersed, slate and mineral filled, black, cementious asphalt coating. The product, following minimal dilution with potable water, may be easily applied by squeegee or spray applied with proper, heavy duty commercial equipment. It is designed to restore minor pavement surface profile loss and to permanently seal all asphalt concrete surfaces against accelerated deterioration from sun, wind, rain and mild chemical attack.

SteelGuard is specifically designed to provide “Investment Grade Protection” for asphalt pavements and is commonly used on parking areas, airports, driveways and other asphalt pavement surfaces. SteelGuard has also been applied on streets and highways in many countries with significant testing for skid resistance and wear ability.

The Dynamics of SteelGuard

Conventional sealcoats cure from the top down and, in some weather conditions, even though they may look dry, they still may not be ready for traffic. SteelGuard cures from the bottom up – when it looks dry, it is dry!

As SteelGuard sets, it rapidly pushes the water to the upper surface of the coating. Once on the surface, the final evaporation rate is limited only by the factors of air temperature, pavement temperature, sun load, wind and humidity. The difference in the cure rate between having to rely on the atmosphere to pull the water out of conventional systems verses absorbing water already driven out of the mix can be dramatic!

“Activated Curing” is just one of the advantages of SteelGuard. The cross-linking which takes place during the curing process produces an inorganic polymerization, which results in a superior performing thermoplastic film with these additional advantages:

  • A tougher cured surface without the use of expensive latex additives
  • A high resistance to power steering scuff marks are nearly non-existent
  • No loss of seal due to re-emulsification
  • Longer surface life for your customers
  • Faster curing – open to traffic faster
  • Outlives any other sealcoat on the market
  • A Blacker, longer lasting appearance
  • Striping contrasts better
  • Binds to oil spots better
  • Tougher and more durable
  • No odor!
  • No tracking!

Customers searching for a “green” alternative have peace of mind knowing SteelGuard contains no biocides or formaldehyde – it meets the EPA’s definition of “GRAS” – Generally Regarded As Safe. With SteelGuard, there is no need for expensive synthetic emulsifiers, no need for any formaldehyde or biocides, no need for any fibers and no need for any liquid polymers. It produces a longer lasting, tougher product at competitive pricing.

Pavements that have been resurfaced with SteelGuard stay cleaner because SteelGuard will not delaminate or re-emulsify. Accelerated curing minimizes the chance of someone stepping in and tracking wet sealer. Once cured, it does not track even under the hottest conditions. No toxic components, no biocides and no smell! SteelGuard can be placed at night and during cooler weather which also extends the season – contractors can start earlier in the year and seal later in the fall.

SteelGuard is environmentally friendly and contains no P.A.H.’s.

SteelGuard offers more protection if a sudden weather change occurs.

SteelGuard is available for shipping all over the world!