Protect your investment…

OverKote is an environmentally friendly product that is uniquely formulated and contains only the highest quality materials. At RaynGuard, we source and use only the finest base stock, mineral aggregates and fibers to blend our material in-house, with no coal tar. The unique components of OverKote ensure that each batch produced at our plant is of a deep and long-lasting color, with maximum durability and strength.

OverKote is ideally suited for Parking Lots, Playgrounds, Sport Courts, Driveways and similar asphalt pavement surfaces.

OverKote is known as an industry leading product for proven consistency, performance, durability and the aesthetically pleasing finished look of the asphalt surface. Pavement markings and striping contrast beautifully against OverKote. Asphalt is an investment that needs to be maintained. OverKote inexpensively prolongs the asphalt lifecycle cost by protecting your investment from oxidation and moisture intrusion.

Overkote is a user-friendly pavement preservation maintenance product for the DIY homeowner, as well as Contracting professionals to apply by squeegee or commercial spray applications. This environmentally friendly product offers consistent results time after time and is available for Bulk purchase as well as handy 5 gallon pails here at our plant.

At RaynGuard, we rent tow behind trailers, deliver jobsite trailers and deliver material to your bulk storage tank. We carry a large selection of tools, parts and products for you to get the job done right.

OverKote is environmentally friendly and contains no P.A.H.’s

Contact our friendly professional staff at 916-454-2560 for further information, pricing and delivery options.