Sales & Rentals

Equipment Rentals

  • Jobsite Tanks (3,500 to 10,000 Gallons)
  • Sealcoat Squeegee Machines
  • Contractor Yard Tanks
  • Sealcoat Tow Trailers (200 & 500 Gallon Models)
  • Billy Goat Blowers
  • Striping Grinder
  • Check out the Bensink Rotary Broom at:
    Bensink Rotary Broom

Used Equipment – RaynGuard

Used Equipment – Rayner Equipment Systems

Sealcoat Equipment from Rayner Equipment Systems

New Sealcoat Equipment

From Rayner Equipment Systems

The PavementSaver II Sealcoat Buggy

  • Available in 320, 420 and 520 gallon sizes
  • Diesel powered, turbocharged
  • Squeegee or spray applications on some models
  • Fast, easy to use, dependable

The RaynMaker

  • Skid mounted, totally self contained
  • Wireless remote control
  • Retractable spray bar with adjustable width
  • Fully sweep internal mixer
  • Designed for aggregate filled emulsion systems

RaynPro Series

  • Industrial Grade Tanks – from 200 to 12,000 Gallons
  • Truck Mount, Trailer Mount, Skid Mount and Overhead options available
  • Helical Mixers, Paddle Mixers, Power & Pump Options

New Equipment for Sale

Hot & Cold Pour Melters

The 10 gallon wheeled melter works on both hot and cold pour material. Mounted on steel wheels and equipped with spring loaded hand controlled release valve steel screed for striking off sealant in uniform width, burner assembly with house, as well as a platform for propane bottle.

The 30 gallon Direct Fire Melter features a hand agitator, temperature gauge, hose, burner, retractable lifting handles, hinged lid and 1.5″ molasses valve.

  • Melters & Applicators
  • Billy Goat Force Blowers
  • Billy Goat Grazor
  • Bensink ROTARY BROOM
  • Buffalo Turbine Blowers