Sealcoat Additives


RaynGuard +PLUS is a selectively blended co-polymer emulsion with skid resistant additives designed to modify SteelGuard or OverKote to achieve improved toughness and tenacity, color enhancement and greater flexibility. RaynGuard +PLUS is recommended for badly eroded pavements, severe and demanding traffic loads or, when combined with larger particle angular aggregates, for more improved skid resistance.

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RaynGuard Quick Dry

Premium Fast Drying Additive

RaynGuard Quick Dry is a specially blended additive formulated to significantly accelerate drying times for asphalt emulsion based sealers. Quick Dry contains advanced polymers and reactive features that are designed to free the water molecules from the sealcoat to the surface to speed up evaporation.

• Promotes quicker water release therefore enhancing drying/curing times.
• Improves the heat and moisture resistance of the asphalt sealer.
• Adds to the overall toughness of the finished product. Improvement in dry film strength.