Patch and Repair


SS-1H is an anionic asphalt emulsion designed for use as a tack coat for patching, paving and coating processes. SS-1H promotes adhesion of bituminous concrete products and coatings. It can also be used as a prime coat in addition as a fog seal.
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HP High Performance Asphalt Repair

Whether it is preparing Utility Cuts, or patching that re-occurring pothole, HP High Performance Cold Patch is rapidly becoming the material for choice throughout California. HP is approved as a high performance patching material in most states and other user agencies wihtin the United States. HP is specifically formulated for the wide-ranging temperature and climate of your area. HP is a permanent, fully guaranteed against any failure, and most important, does the job right the first time.
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GatorAid is a blend of an asphaltic emulsion, mineral fillers, glass fiber, ground rubber and plasticizers designed especially for alligatored areas. It is also used for filling cracks in excess of 1/2” in width on any asphaltic surfaces. Economically, GatorAid has superior advantages over hot mix skin patch asphalt as far as labor and equipment needed to dig out the alligatoring areas and replace them. It is ready to use on asphaltic surfaces such as athletic courts, driveways, roadways, highways, streets, parking lots, playgrounds, walkways, and running tracks.
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RaynGuard Oil Spot 1

A quick drying latex emulsion formulated with suitable additives to coat and promote adhesion over oil, grease and gasoline spots prior to the application of asphalt sealer on asphalt pavement surfaces.
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RaynGuard Quick Dry

RaynGuard Quick Dry is a complex co-polymer emulsion designed to modify asphalt based sealers. This product is designed to enhance the sealer’s dry/cure time while improving the overall toughness and adhesion qualities.

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