RaynGuard Plus


RaynGuard Plus+ is a selectively blended copolymer emulsion with skid resistant additives designed to modify SteelGuard 60 Pavement Sealer to achieve improved toughness and tenacity, color enhancement and greater flexibility. RaynGuard Plus+ is recommended for badly eroded pavements, severe and demanding traffic loads or, when combined with larger particle angular aggregates, for more improved skid resistance.


Mix well before using. Add RaynGuard Plus+ at a rate of 2 to 4 gallons to modify 100 gallons of SteelGuard 60. The amount will vary according to pavement surface and condition demands, any applicable specifications and amount of additional aggregate desired to be added.
Place unmodified RaynGuard Plus into an appropriate spray or squeegee machine equipped with a mechanical mixer. If necessary or required, add the appropriate amount of water. Pour SteelGuard Plus+ slowly into the mix while agitating and mix to uniform consistency. Add proper amount of aggregates and mix thoroughly before application.


SteelGuard 60 is made using advanced Aerospace technology which provides for inorganic polymerization in an asphalt medium designed around finely crushed aggregate blends. This provides for superior performance under most conditions.
For extremely worn pavements, severe and demanding traffic loads or for more improved skid resistance, additional crushed aggregates, more aggressive in nature, may be added along with select organic polymers to provide the additional binder necessary to reinforce the new materials.


Smooth Pavements with High Traffic Stresses: Adding SteelGuard Plus+ at 2% (2 gallons per 100 gallons of SteelGuard 60) will improve resistance to flushing, tearing and rapid traffic wear.

Smooth Pavements with the need to higher traction: Adding RaynGuard Plus+ at 3% to 4% (3 to 4 gallons per 100 gallons of SteelGuard 60) along with the addition of finely crushed aggregate (not rounded sand particles) in the 20 to 30 mesh size at the rate of 3 to 4 pounds per gallon of total mix will provide an improved friction surface.

Heavily eroded pavements: Adding RaynGuard Plus+ at 2 to 3% (2 to 3 gallons per 100 gallons of SteelGuard 60) will allow the addition of clean sand or finely crushed aggregates to help provide more body and filler for excessive asphalt voids found in highly eroded pavements.