Sealcoat Additives


Plus is a specially blended copolymer emulsion along with effective resistance additives to modify asphalt emulsion sealer to achieve out-standing toughness, color enhancement, fast curing time, greater flexibility, high viscosity, good suspension of the aggregates. It is recommended on any asphalt surface where there are high traffic patterns. Excellent for commercial and industrial parking lots, airport runways, traffic safety islands and service stations.

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Accel-R8 has been formulated as an additive to enhance the cure rates and final film properties of asphalt based seal coat materials. Poor drying weather (high humidity), cool temperatures, where errant foot traffic on wet sealer looms, late afternoon/nighttime applications, shaded areas, thick applications on porous pavement, imminent rain showers, and clients screaming to get their lots opened in a hurry are all worries that a contractor has while trying to deliver a successful job. Accel-R8 can help to overcome all of these issues while improving the color, suspension, and durability of the finished product due to our specially formulated chemistry


Accel-R8 actively promotes curing through chemistry that pushes the water of the seal-coat to the surface for evaporation. While this specialized material is designed for a speedy cure, it does have limitations as the conditions get below 40°F (4.4°C) and/or humidity above 85%. As with any sealer application, it is advisable not to apply this product or others unless sufficient weather conditions exist to assure full cure prior to being subjected to rain, snow or heavy dew. The atmosphere is the ‘pump’ which must provide a lower vapor pressure differential above the surface of the uncured coating for it to condense and dry. The combined effects of five physically measurable properties: surface temperature, air temperature, sun load, wind and humidity will determine the water removal capabilities of the atmospheric ‘pump’ at any given moment.

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FSA is a unique silicone fortified latex copolymer especially formulated for use with pavement sealer. It provides workability and handling of pavement sealer, adds measureable value to the material in which it is used, and reduces drying times by 50% or more. By shortening drying time, labor costs and down-time can be reduced. Less expensive than other sealcoat additives, FSA stops tracking, sand roll out and filter/tip clogging. FSA is not an extender or bulking agent.

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